Bryan is a Creative Director & Photographer living near Atlanta, GA

Bryan is passionate about using creativity, technology and communication to provide an environment for people to discover and develop their unique purpose and passions.

Lover of God

Above all, before anyone is my God. I am a lover of God, a servant of Christ. I don’t like to be identified with most Christians…I’m sure you can formulate a list as to why. I do however identify with Christ, his commandments and teachings.

Lover of People
I strongly believe in serving others. Giving of myself, my time and resources for the betterment of those around me. I believe we’re called to serve the “least of these” – the widows, orphans, homeless and imprisoned.

Husband & Father
A very close 2nd to my God is my wife and son. There is no earthly desire, possession or action that could separate my love and commitment to my incredible wife Bethany. She is my drive, my grace and my muse.

I am who I am today because of three things. One being the grace of God, one my wife and the other my family. My mom, dad and sister are a true example of love and selflessness.

I have some amazing “best” and very close friends. The kind you’d do anything for. Lend money to and raise their children if asked. These friends are rare and I’m blessed to have them. You know who you are.

I’m a creative. I’m driven by using my gifts as a photographer, designer and creative thinker to help others get one step closer to their dreams. I struggle with comparing myself to others who have had successes. I often want to quit because I don’t feel qualified but at the end of the day I know I have a message that someone needs. An encouraging word, a supporting idea. I can be the difference in someone’s dream.

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